How to Advertise During a Pandemic

There are business decisions and advertising decisions. Usually these decisions can be made at the same time. These are not usual times.

Right now, it is likely your business is faced with the need to keep a market presence. However, you face temporary restrictions where your customers cannot reach you in person, at least not in the same manner as they have before. Restaurants knew they had to adapt quickly in order to survive. The curbside model offered by very few in the past has been adapted as the ‘norm’ for the time being among eateries of all kinds around Northern California.

If your business can remain open your creative/messaging has to be creative and thoughtful. This will show relevancy, create top of mind awareness, and increase your market share for when our region reopens.

Businesses that cannot remain open need to stay in front of their audience to maintain market share for when they can open their doors again. If your business model and advertising budget are strong, don’t change your media! If it was working before it will still work; slightly change your messaging to meet the moment and your customers will be waiting for you.

Market leaders and business leaders who have bought into an uncertain market before understand they can gain market share right now. Inventory is more affordable and for the first time in my life the government told us to stay home and in front of our screens.

Market share is there. It is waiting to be taken. It will go to the businesses who are talking to their customers whether they can reach them physically or not. Consumers are home and they are spiking our local broadcast signals and data networks. Talk to them!

No matter whether your business is opened or closed get content posted on your socials. Keep video content flowing. Adjust your TV, Digital, and Radio messaging and creative. Let your media plan run or double down and be a market leader. But most importantly…


Anthony Fasone

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